Death by Silo

Mad Men has to be my favorite TV show of the past decade, paying homing to the ad agency business in its formative years. It highlights the importance of great creative, ideas and writing that speak to customers while giving us stories about these neurotic chaps on Madison Avenue. Great well communicated ideas speak simply and drive home their point.

Hugh McLeod agreed to do a Gaping Void cartoon interpretation of Marketing in the Round. Here’s what he drew. It’s so strong, I couldn’t write a 500 word blog post to it. The creative spoke for itself. But in the spirit of Mad Men I did riff on it and wrote some brief ad copy.

Death by Silo

An uncoordinated marketing campaign launch wastes valuable resources. Communicators must integrate across silos to develop strategic multichannel marketing programs. That’s why we wrote Marketing in the Round. Learn more today.

What do you think of Hugh’s Marketing in the Round cartoon?

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  1. I love this. Ive been connected to aerospace for a decade and the experts have yet to get multiple rockets to merge in the sky, uniformily fly well, locate their target, and hit it. Same goes for marketing. I also love this because an individual rocket is pumped and excited about doing its job, and it should be because rockets are complicated vehicles. When it comes to marketing, the humans behind each marketing rocket are also pumped and excited about the development of their own rocket and the end result. If only those teams would look to the right and left and see the greater potential and commit to ground testing the entire system before launch. And as rocket engineers often say, “Once you launch it, there’s no getting it back.”

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