11 Replies to “Marketing Fundamentals: Blocking and Tackling”

    1. Ha! Yeah, I saw the Musashi post. Surprised it doesn’t happen more often give the past few months.
      Getting meta on sympatico, I actually drafted this two+ weeks ago to coincide withe the Toby interview, but you published Walk, Run, Fly a day before it was supposed to go. They were too similar so I held it.
      Too funny!

  1. Yes it is amazing there are not more conversations around all the separate tea parties happening in marketing.  I am thinking of the Mad Hatter now bbbwwwaaahh ( I know he will find a way to use him and the Queen of Hearts – send me a check Geoff)

    1.  What cracks me up about the tea parties is how everyone tries to own a piece of social. Ummm.

  2. I’m a recent graduate (2009), and Integrated Marketing Communications was the main takeaway from my time in school. We were told that all channels should co-exist to support a central goal. But the disconnect between what we were taught, and what I’ve seen in practice, is mind blowing. The well-oiled machine is more of a broken system of isolated cogs.

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