Joining the Human Equity and Georgetown Teams

Geoff Livingston and Virtual Charlene Li
Charlene Li lectured virtually at my last Georgetown class

Please excuse the personal announcement post, but I have some good news to share.

First, I have joined the board of Human Equity. Human Equity is a social media marketing consultancy that focuses on brand development through stakeholders and brands sharing ethos, values, and lifestyles.

Part of the effort will include sports marketing and cause marketing, two of my favorite sub-disciplines in the profession. It will be great working to marry the two and help brands better connect with their stakeholders.

Former Head of AOL Sports Jimmy Lynn (also a Georgetown adjunct) and successful entrepreneur Ken Brenner (Conxeo and the Television Games Network) are the managing partners leading Human Equity. The team is filed with great guys in both DC and New York, and I can’t wait to help this start up launch and succeed.

After a three-year hiatus, I am returning as an adjunct professor to Georgetown University. I will be teaching the one-day Social Media Marketing course at the Center for Continuing Professional Studies. It’s part of a larger certificate program for public sector communicators.

Thank you to both Human Equity and Georgetown for making me part of their teams.