400K Photo Views and Counting

At some point today, I will pass 400,000 views on my photography blog. Not bad for an amateur hack who has never been formally trained as a photographer!

I hope you don’t mind, but I’d like to celebrate by sharing my 10 favorite pictures from the past five years. Given it’s a Friday wrapping up a long holiday week, I figured, “Why not?” Here we go!

1) The Eiffel Tower

I took this beauty in late November of 2009. It was drizzling, and I had to take a slow capture to get the light to glow like this. Fortunately the rain didn’t mess up lens too badly, and the shot turned out quite nicely! Taken with a Nikon D-90.

The Eiffel Tower

2) The First Presidential Tweet

I had the honor of attending the first presidential town hall, which was moderated by Twitter Co-Founder Jack Dorsey. Somehow, I ended up in the first row on the side, and took this shot of Obama typing out the first presidential tweet. Taken with my Nikon, this shot has Jack reflected in the computer screen. It still gets used frequently in Obama blog posts across the web!
The First Presidential Tweet

3) The Devil’s Horns

The centerpiece of the W Trail in Chilean Patagonia, the Devil’s Horns are viewed here from across Lake Pehoe at sunrise. This trail kicked my ass and is legendary for trying experienced hikers who attempt its courses in three or five days. Taken with the Nikon. The Devil's Horns Across Lago Pehoe

4) Virgin Island Sunrise

Taken in St. Thomas in 2007, this photo was shot with a Canon Power Shot! I consider it my first great capture, and it was the photo that convinced me to upgrade to a DSLR.

Virgin Islands Sunrise

5) San Francisco at Night

One of my favorite subjects is cities. I travel a lot, and as such a good way to entertain myself and stay out of trouble is to shoot the local city. This night shot of downtown San Francisco was taken this year with an Olympus PEN EP-3, one of those new mirrorless cameras.
Downtown San Francisco at Night

6) The Beauty of a Rose

Maybe it’s the zen thing or maybe it’s just learning to appreciate beauty through the lens, but over the past few years, I’ve come to love flowers. These roses were found in the Jardin Boutique in Montreal during the summer of 2009. I particularly like the water condensing on the front rose, as well as the color. Nikon.
The Beauty of a Rose

7) Washington Monument Shrouded with Cherry Blossoms

Though I use Nikon and Olympus digital cameras, I shoot a lot with my iPhone, and have become relatively decent with the point and click phone camera. This Cherry Blossom shot was taken in 2010 with an iPhone 3GS at the peak of the annual spring festival.

Cherry Blossom Goodness

8) Kerry, Gulf Fisherman

This photo became the centerpiece for the CitizenGulf campaign in 2010, which raised $12,000 and caused more than 1000 citizen actions for fishermen in need after the Deep Horizon oil spill. Kerry, pictured here, was put out of work by Deep Horizon, and questioned his ability to continue fishing in the Gulf’s contaminated waters. Nikon shot.
Kerry, Sixth Generation Fisherman

9) Patagonia: The North Face of the Petite Moreno Glacier

While an amazing photo, it can’t do the Moreno glacier justice. The field spans what seems to be a half mile across a lake and the ice stands 40 yards in the air at least. It’s sheer awesomeness. I did get a chance to walk across a glacier and scale an ice wall while in Patagonia, and it’s hard work. And yes, for those of you who know what a klutz I am, I did drive a crampon blade into one of my hiking boots (but not my foot). Nikon.
The North Face of the Moreno Glacier

10) Port Lucaya Marina

Taken this February in Grand Bahama, this photo just says serenity. I love the clouds, the harbor in the early morning without too many people, and the calm water. Can I go back now? Please? Taken with the Olympus. Port Lucaya Marina

You can view these and the rest of my top photos in my portfolio set on Flickr.

16 Replies to “400K Photo Views and Counting”

  1. I love your photos, Geoff, but I think this post shows too that you know how to use photos in the right place at the right time. Your views are a testament to your smarts as much as a testament to your great photo skills :) 

  2. Omigod. Picture #8. I want a whole documentary on that guy. You are incredible Geoff. 

    1. Thank you! I did write a post on him in the CitizenGulf Blog (http://www.citizengulf.org/kerrys-story-a-sixth-generation-fisherman). Here’s Kerry’s story:

      On Tuesday June 29, we toured a St. Bernard Parish community aid center for fishing families run by Catholic Charities of New Orleans. There we met several fishermen, including this gentleman named Kerry, the fellow
      who became our icon for #citizengulf. He’s a sixth generation
      fisherman, focusing primarily on crabbing.

      Kerry took time to chat with Jill Foster and I, and told us a bit
      about the plight of local fishers. It was quite a moment, Gulf fishing communities in the United States have gone back generation upon generation.

      He himself was taught fishing by his Dad, as had the previous
      five generations in his family, a common testimony to the long-term cultural stature of Gulf Fishing as a way of life.

      The cultural impact of taking away a profession for more than year cannot be underestimated. Kerry could not even contemplate it. Every time we brought it up, he said he had to make it through today. Then the rest will come clear.

      Yet he did acknowledge the possible long term impact of the Deep Horizon disaster: “My father always told me this business was a dying one. But no one imagined it would happen like this.”

      He made jokes and smiled quite a bit. Still – though the moment was jovial – you could see the sadness in his eyes. It brought all of the suffering of these fishing families home for me.

  3. Geoff, Great pics. Love the humanism in Kerry’s face.. captured the man as well as the issue. I also love the sunrise pic in Virgin Islands. Really makes me want to go there now! Sunrise shots always enlighten any day (I often love the symbolism of a new beginning). I hope my pics can be half as good as yours someday. Congrats and thanks for sharing. – Bob

    1.  Thanks, Bob!  I really appreciate your kind words.  Sunrises and sunsets are always special moments for reflection.  They make you reflect in such a beautiful, spiritual way. 



    2.  Oh, Bob, One more thing. Shoot every day, even if it’s on your iPhone.  That’s how you get the eye!  Good luck!

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