Image by DBduo Photography

When you peel an onion, you find a new shiny layer. Then if you gently peel this second onion layer, you find a third one.

Each layer yields a new fresh layer, different from its predecessor.

The onion represents life, particularly for those who continue to challenge themselves to grow.

Difficult situations present opportunities to dig deeper, peel that onion, and perhaps change and evolve to better meet the times.

Sometimes peeling that onion layer may be so potent (and/or painful) it brings tears to your eyes. In the end, it’s the easier softer way to face change.

This view towards problems, difficulties, and changing environments helps me professionally as well as personally.

If we refuse to face the next layer of an onion, it’s inevitable that the current one will dry and eventually rot. One could say the same about the various aspects of our lives.

Imagine if I insisted that blogging/writing should be the exact same as it was for me in 2006?

First of all you’d be reading five long thick paragraphs, and there would be no photograph. Those of you reading on a mobile phone would have already bounced off the site.

Second, the content wouldn’t be relevant to you or us collectively because it’d be about me. Enough about me, what do you think about me?

Fortunately, it’s 2012. Whew.

We all face constant change in media, communications, and the very norms of sociological interaction online. Life brings more serious challenges at times.

How do you face change and uncertainty?