• @geoffliving:twitter Using social networks with a strategy is the best idea of our time. Its great that you are aware of exactly where you need to be for benefit of business and separate personal space. I have to agree that LinkedIn is not a favorite space even though it is the most professional network of the bunch.

    As a photographer, I still go back and forth between Flickr vs Pinterest vs Facebook vs blog. They all have different audience yet they are ALL relevant and I can’t be everywhere all day! Your graphic also makes me laugh inside because it resembles how I feel my brain functions…like tentacles reaching out in strategic sporadic direction, haha! I appreciate most of these networks. I’m working on choosing a space where I put thoughts, words, photos and business in one place to steer my focus. Wait…that sounds like Tumblr.

    Great breakdown of how you use the social medium. Thanks for the insight Geoff!

    •  It’s definitely a moving target from my perspective.  I should use Pinterest more from a photography standpoint, but just don’t do it. It’s a time issue.  If I was more focused on my photography though I would.  It’s very hard making all the pieces work, and as you can see I am starting to divide by use/function rather than network itself.

  • I think our usage overlaps in quite a few ways and, like you, I really enjoy the closed garden of Path. I know some will perhaps disagree about its utility (what, we need another network? ) but it’s become one of my favorite places to spend time with close friends. 

    •  I don’t care what people say about Facebook being the only network. Meanwhile stats are going down. Let them be the last ones to go down with the ship. See you on Path. ;)

  • I am looking forward to your thoughts on LinkedIn as you have piqued my interest with your ‘unenjoyable’ network statement. I was very active on LinkedIn in the past but have drifted off over the past several months. 

    Perhaps I have joined too many groups and need to trim but I find it redundant as of late. With that said, I know I need to revisit with the new tweaks added as it remains the professional network of business.

  • This is some great food for thought, Geoff. I usually use Facebook more for personal/political/philosophical discussions, G+ for the pro/business/mentoring sharing, and I have kinda fallen out of the Twitter zone, as I interact with far fewer people than I follow. When I get home from my bereavement travels I will apply some more thought to this and share. My diagram is a little different and I look forward to your thoughts. 

  • Did you take that bottom picture?! I was thinking you probably did and that it was likely of your little girl but whether you took it or not…it’s an awesome photo! 

    • Yeah, about two weeks ago. Thank you!

      • That’s awesome. She’s going to be so happy to have all these cool photos of her when she was young one day…perhaps minus the embarrassing ones of her naked on the toilet (especially if they end up in her high school yearbook or wedding slideshow haha but you would never do that ;) )

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  • I am a bit late to this post but it is very interesting. I enjoy engaging in online social conversation but the results is almost always an enriching one in both professional and personal way. 

  • Hi Geoff, I like your segmentation of Personal Networks vs. Bridge Networks. You should try out Engagio which bridges all interactions across the social networks and online commenting, showing you a 360 on your engagement. Here’s my profile for eg. 

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