Cigarettes and Smartphones

Image by tinacris

See, I have a bad habit. I like to check my iPhone the second I wake up.

I kept the smartphone by my bed on the night table. But as a result, I became less rested, more anxious, and more stressed out.

I’m not alone. A whopping 54% of U.S. smartphone users said they check their phones while lying in bed; before they go to sleep, after they wake up, even in the middle of the night.

This compulsive habit reminds me of cigarette smoking.

See I used to smoke two packs a day for 13 years (I quit when I was 27). The cigarettes were the first thing I grabbed in the morning. Pretty disgusting, huh?

Recently, I started leaving my cell phone downstairs before turning in for the night. It’s been better. I’ll admit it, I turn it on as soon as I get downstairs, but at least my head gets to clear a bit beforehand.

Sex and Smartphones

It could be worse, I could be checking my smartphone during sex. Talk about ADD when you least need it!

Think that’s extreme?

12% of moms use their smartphone during sex, according to a recent survey.

Smartphones have cameras, but somehow I doubt that many of this population are that kinky. A perusal of the iPhone store shows their are plenty of sex apps, so there!

Of course, this brings to mind another cigarette habit…

Image by Clint W

Do you struggle with smartphones pervading every single aspect of your life?