Fear and Loathing the 2012 Social Election

While I appreciate great political social tactics and analysis, I can’t take the 2012 social election.

This week’s RNC already produced an amazing amount of vitriol on Facebook and Twitter. I tuned out completely during the evenings.

Next week’s DNC promises to add more.

The President Departs with Smiles

The 2012 political conversation triggers a deeper angst from my peers than I have seen in prior years. People are afraid after four years of caustic debate and a lack of progress.

Caustic conversations create pain.

Mass vitriol in the form of dozens of posts bulked together in your Facebook stream feels like a swarm of political hornets stinging your brain. Or worse, a mass online check-in of fear and hate.

Super Swarm

I will read up on the candidates. I will vote. But I won’t participate in the election conversation.

Not this election. I’d rather bury my head in the political sand, and focus on something more positive.

How do you feel about the 2012 election conversation?