16 Replies to “Vanessa Fox Discusses Search, Siri and Social”

    1. LOL, yeah, I knew when I heard her speak how bright she was. More Vanessa coming next week, but I can’t tell you how (shhh!).

  1. Do you know if there’e a GPS system you can send voice queries to? I have a built-in nav on my Toyota; seems like this would be ideal to save attention spans.

    Meanwhile, thanks for the re-introduction to Vanessa, Geoff. I learned of her a few years ago, then lost track.

    1. Heh. I just wrote about this in an article I wrote for small businesses:

      “In a recent episode of the Web series “Dating Rules From My Future Self” (sponsored by Ford Escape), the main character’s ex-boyfriend mentions that he “could really go for a taco.” The main character, coincidentally driving her Ford Escape, says, “Hey, car lady, find Mexican restaurant.” The car obediently lists nearby establishments that meet the ex-boyfriend’s criteria and brings up a map that routes a path to the chosen one.”

      It’s about about minute 5 of this video if you want to see the product placement in action. :)


    1. Search really is the underpinning of the web! It really deserves a larger portion of the conversation. Thank you so much for the comment.

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