• I think I have a new brain crush. *swoon*

  • Do you know if there’e a GPS system you can send voice queries to? I have a built-in nav on my Toyota; seems like this would be ideal to save attention spans.

    Meanwhile, thanks for the re-introduction to Vanessa, Geoff. I learned of her a few years ago, then lost track.

  • P.S. Just bought Kindle edition of Vanessa’s book.

    • Tell us what you think! Nevermind, I’ll read about it on Goodreads!

      • I just joined Goodreads myself It seems like a great resource to discover books. I will be adding @vanessafox:disqus book to my ‘to read list’

  • great job Geoff with the interview with @vanessafox:disqus – Search is a big deal when people have an intent to purchase and social networks will definitely play a role in this as they can pull in your social data. Chris Dixon also wrote a good piece about Facebook and social search that you might find interesting (the discussion was very good)

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