Why Marketing in the Round, Anyway?

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One of the most common questions Gini and I got during our book tour last Spring was why did you call the book “in the Round?”

We needed to figure out a way to convey the of a convening of the marketing function. The collective meeting unites disparate departments and silos in and out of the marketing function to integrate multichannel strategies.

So we took a card out of the theatre world, and dubbed the meeting, “Marketing in the Round.”

In the theatre round, the cast performs while surrounded by its audience. It’s actually quite a rewarding experience, and one that translates well to concerts, too.

Similarly, marketers are acting in the round on behalf of the company with internal and external stakeholders.

In a fully functioning round, various stakeholders join the round at times to voice their needs and to completely integrate communications. We discuss this a great deal in the book.

Another round metaphor can be drawn, specifically The Round Table of Arthurian Legend.

In Arthur’s Round Table, all of his knights met together as one group to discuss the problems of the realm. What was notable about the round (other than its legendary members) was that though there was a king, everyone had an equal seat at the table.

Similarly, all members of the marketing round meet together as one to address the sales and communications objectives of the company. Ideally, all disciplines and departments should have a say in the effort.

So that’s how our book came to be titled Marketing in the Round.

What do you think, we’re we too cute for school or on point?