The Naked Truth of Social Media

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Phil Gerbyshak‘s The Naked Truth of Social Media offers a compelling view of social media and its various experts.

I wrote the introduction to the eBook, which features experts debating the myths they see, and their version of social media truths. Reading it revealed a few truths to me, too. The following is a version of my introduction to The Naked Truth

Whose Rules?

First (and my myth buster), rules offered by social media experts don’t mean much unless you want to be a second tier version of this person (or business).

Even some of the opinions in the eBook offered starkly contrasting views.

It just reminded me that rules are meant to be broken, particularly when it comes to self-created etiquette. One can liken social media rules to political or religious debate.

Here’s the truth: Outside of obvious advice like don’t spam, these absolutes should be weighed carefully by each person developing their own personal approach to social media.

Relationships Matter Most

Phil Gerbyshak - announcing something
The Imitable Phil Gerbyshak

Another core truth that spoke to me was the need to consider social media in the primary context of relationships. Marketers are so quick to apply messaging, ROI and various additional techniques from other disciplines.

These conversations mean something to those marketers who want to get results. In fact, cross-pollination of disciplines forms the basis of Marketing in the Round, a book I recently co-authored on integrated marketing with Gini Dietrich.

Yet without understanding that online communities revolve around a foundation of relationships, social media marketing conversations seem to devolve into rules proclamations and debates.

The ability to network and truly interact with people becomes paramount to tool talk. Social is inherently relational.

The Echo Chamber Is Angry

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Image by Pim Warnars

Finally, my last observation, we as social media marketing professionals are angry.

I see polarization in the propagation of myths. We’re like rappers dismissing each other with our hard core lyrics.

We need to start respecting different schools of thought more, and stop tearing each other down. Growing the whole pie so all of us can prosper and grow the market makes sense.

Make The Right Way something closer to the truth. Specifically, what has worked for you and what you’ve seen work for others.

Really, listening to your experience and how it shaped your views is all prospective clients and peers want from you anyway.

Onto our own very unique Naked Truths.

What are your social media truths and myths?