Move Mountains – The Power of the Anti-Hero

The above video is my TEDx PeachTree speech (below is the written form) on how any of us can be make change happen in our lives.

I wanted to empower the audience with lessons learned about influence through my grassroots social change efforts.

Most importantly, any of us can create change. We don’t need heroes to save us.

We can choose to become influential in our core networks, and change our worlds.

As I concluded in the speech, we can make change happen where it matters the most. With the people who consider us their friend, their co-worker, their relative. Our peers. The people who love and like us, whether they are online or offline.

I’ve seen it over and over again in my work. Heck, I’m seeing it again now with Jennifer Stauss Windrum’s incredible SMAC fundraising effort.

As we move into the holiday weekend, I hope this video and speech provides hope for you. There is always hope, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

If you’d like, please share your story of hope.

Each of Us Can Make an Impact


  • This was really awesome, Geoff!

    For the leader prepared to hear this speech live and/or recorded – I’m certain it will touch and change lives.

    The right words spoken at the right time hold a lot of power and influence over those who are listening and take action when they hear them…

    Powerful stuff Batman!

    • Thank you, your support is awesome, Mark. I hope you are doing well.

      I hope folks get a lot out of it… There’s only good things to be gotten from working for change, even though it takes thinking about how to approach it. It is a bit of a formula, isn’t it?

      • Hi Geoff,

        A formula?

        Broken down, possibly :)

        But at the end of the day, change comes from taking action.

        A whole new world will open up to you for the rest of your life when you take action.

        Nothing stays the same or lay’s dormant when you take action.

        You’ll only gain more experience and power to get things done in the world when you take action.

        When you take action, you’re world changes and every life around you changes.

        The only ones not changing are the ones who are not taking action. Most of these have either been consumed by the burdens of life, or simply lost their own unique identity.

        One more thing to consider; the best things to take action on are the things that scare the shit out of you and those things that keep you clear of your comfort zone.

        You get the most growth out of these :)

        • You are so right. When we take an action, we become changed, positively or negatively. Small or large, there is a shift. That is the heart of change. Action changes the mind, the spirit. The mind cannot change itself without the action.

  • Powerful talk Geoff. I can’t help think of Joseph Campbell’s ‘A Hero’s Journey’ – we are all called to something in life – our life’s purpose. Something we are meant to do that’s going to make a difference in other peoples lives.

    So many of us are waiting for someone to save us, when it’s only you who can save yourself, being the hero in your own life and then doing it for others.

    I have to admit, I was nervous for you – watching your talk. I wasn’t sure why. Maybe that’s my need to be someone’s hero in helping them realize their own greatness or even more so, my own. Watching your talk reminds me that in order to own up to your inner hero, you have to be willing to make a stand for what you believe and the courage to share it with the world.

    Truly inspirational! :)

    • Ha, with good reason… All that pacing? I was a nervous wreck…

      Thank you so much for your kind words. I think the hero phenomena is amazing. Consider how so many people wanted Barack Obama to be that knight on a white horse in 2008-9. Hard expectations for one man.

      I’ll need to read Campbell’s Journey. Sounds amazing. Hope you had a great holiday!

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