• Ha, no doubt somebody will come along and stir everything up drastically.
    Signed up for Hubub. Maybe this is the one…

    • Ha, we’ll see. I hope this is more of a conversational firestorm than search, but we’ll see. The user determines the end game ultimately.

  • Looks promising, but what happens as Google comes up with ever better ways to integrate G+ content into search results? Wouldn’t the already-in-place G+ platform pose a major threat to these guys? Or is Google acquisition the ultimate end-game?

    Also, I tend to avoid services which force authentication through third parties, ie; Facebook and Twitter. I would like to join the beta and check this out – it looks genuinely interesting – but not if I have to connect it with Facebook/Twitter. I can see the benefit to hubub in starting up with hooks to the big social networks – it makes sharing/growth easier – but it rubs me the wrong way, as it feels more about marketing hubub than providing me a service.

    Anyhoo. Thanks for sharing.

    • I understand! I think that this isn’t a search service, rather a something that provides conversation hubs. If it opens up without social sign on, I hope you’ll get a chance to see it. Thanks for your feedback, Brian.

  • I think Google + handles it pretty well to be honest.

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