Want Clients? Amaze Them

A Toronto Morning

We as marketing bloggers talk a lot about strategy, the latest and greatest trends, and our personal way of thinking, all to attract customers. But perhaps the best way to attract clients is to build a reputation for amazing them.

This extends beyond strategic and tactical savoir faire to actual practice.

An attitude of service creates the word of mouth every brand wants, the kind that drives value and attracts prospects that want similar outcomes.

Here are some client service tips for consultancies seeking to develop winning reputations.

Get Dirty

In an era of micro-celebrity consultants, there sure seem to be a lot of divas out there that avoid real work.

Don’t be a diva. Arrogance about your roll in the larger marketing or consulting world doesn’t produce results.

You’re resting on past experiences when someone needs you to create a new one.

The reputation got the job, now roll up your sleeves and just do it. Get dirty and do the work.

Bring Home the Bacon

Hickory Smoked Bacon
Image by moknits

You also promised results, so bring home the bacon. That means produce.

By far, this is the biggest complaint I hear about consultants, that they failed to deliver.

Bust your head open to make it happen.

If you can’t, look at why, and own it. Do what you must to rectify the situation. Your client needs to know that you did everything humanly possible to fulfill your word.

Nip at Their Heels

How bad is it if a client has to follow up with you on deliverables?

Real bad, especially if it happens frequently.

They hired you to produce, and now they have to chase you?

You should be nipping at their heels with reports, progress reports, suggestions and hopefully, the bacon you promised. Be proactive.

Deliver On Time All the Time

Deliverables are promised. You’re late, and while perhaps forgiving with a good result, your client’s overall experience lessens. Trust weakens.

But when you deliver on time, your client feels they made the correct choice, that their trust was well invested.

Bend over backwards to make deadlines!

What would you add?