My Retirement Jobs

Sunset in Freeport, Grand Bahama

I dream of retirement, a time when financial earning seems less necessary and the vain pursuits of glory have passed.

There’s a long way to go still, but those greener pastures sit in my mind.

I will always work when that time comes. In fact, I know what those three retirement jobs are already…

Usher at My Local Baseball Stadium

Nationals Stadium Ambience

One of my dreams is to usher at my local baseball stadium. I love the diamond, have a partial Nationals season ticket package, and go to 10-15 games a year.

My career choices and my father’s are somewhat intertwined. He was a newspaper man his whole career, which continue to this day. After a short stint as a journalist covering wireless telecom, I went to the dark side. Later I became a blogger and author, returning to my roots.

We also share the love of baseball, one I would say he inherited from his Grandpa Livingston, a Chicago White Sox fan (the Livingstons originally migrated to Chicago in the late 19th century). In fact, my Dad was an usher at Dodger Stadium in the 60s, and I cannot tell you the amount of times I listened to his retelling of Sandy Koufax’s perfect game against the Cubs.

Nothing would give me greater pleasure than watching live baseball every night. I want to see my local team do its thing, win or lose, while I serve local fans.

Yes, I would wipe people’s seats down. So what? Maybe a little humility is a good thing after shooting my mouth off online and in print for decades.

The apple has not fallen far from the tree on this one.

Own a Local Book/Reading Store

Rediscovered Books

Will books be a physical purchase anymore in 25 years? Probably not.

That’s OK, I want to offer the ambience of a great local book store where anyone can go and hang out.

That includes insanely good Italian espresso. Yes, I will have to train in Italy to ensure this level of quality (cough).

Seriously, I love Barnes & Noble, but I miss the ambience of the local shop where people know other people. It will be nostalgic, campy, and fun as hell for locals. And yes, I expect to turn a profit, even if it’s not on the books.

Write Novels

My Three Books

Writing novels is hard work. First of all, no publisher really wants them anymore. Well over 90% of books published today are business, nonfiction, travel or the like.

Novels rarely sell on that 10,000 book level. You just really have to love writing to push yourself through this.

I anticipate my next book will be a self-published novel, and it doesn’t need to be a huge success from a worldly perspective.

In my heart, it will be a great success for it is my dream. When all else leaves me, I will always think of reading and writing fiction.

So that’s it, those are my retirement jobs. What do you dream of doing when your days of toil are over?


  • Writing and contributing from the peace of my own home, while looking at my grand children grow.

  • Geoff,
    Great post! Thoughtful and inspirational its gives one pause to reflect on what’s important about about what they want to accomplish with the gift of time.

  • I LOVE this post. And I think about it too. Here’s one of my favorite dreams: Opening a Shespiration store – a store targeted at young women/teens (and us old folks too) that build up a woman’s self esteem and offer an alternative to the constant barrage of advertising that promotes appearance and sexuality over what really matters. We’d have toys, books, jewelry, videos etc., but also workshops, sponsor sports teams etc.

    PS – I would steal your other 2 ideas baseball & bookstores – love em both.

    • Sounds like a great alternative to the normal shake your booty type of store. Looking forward to seeing more of this. Your concept would make a great blog post, BTW!

  • Yeah, you know how much I love this post – and everything you’ve captured here. To a wonderful weekend, my friend.

  • I don’t know exactly what it is/will be, but I keep seeing myself outdoors. Not necessarily running every day or doing something like that, but something that just has ben outdoors a lot, going to different places and meeting different people. Aaaah….

    • Sounds like gardening? Maybe? Gardening conventions, community garden, flower shows. Who knows? Hmmm. Very zen.

  • You know, I can see you as an usher. Pulling out a random fact here and there and making a kid or two smile. Just might need to pick up your hand speed for foul balls.

  • If all goes to plan, GBXM|united will end up being something which provides an income for numerous people, associated with automotive events all over the world, which I will spend my retirement attending. I’d like to meet the gearheads of the world. It’s like having family wherever you land.

  • Would love to teach kids and upcoming professionals on site

  • Hmmmmm…I can’t imagine retiring.

  • Those sound like fun retirement pursuits. I would love to one day buy an RV and travel to every Cincinnati Reds game. I did the math, last year I could have attended all but 5 games and never taken a plane. I don’t mind planes, I just think it would be a fun road trip to follow a team from spring training until October. And write about it, of course.

  • You do make retirement sound good.., lovely ideas.
    For me, we’re working on it already. Building a home on a piece land that will sustain us in the (near) future.
    Spending my time on the land, tending to animals, preserving food.., stuff like that… I could be doing that for quite some time.

  • Love the baseball usher idea, Geoff…unfortunately my team is in Baltimore and I don’t think I can convince my wife to retire there :-)

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