• Pictures may be the biggest miss for companies in the digital age (since everything sounds cooler with age). It is one of the things that would help show that human element and do as you say in terms of character. I am guilty of this as well and actually brought my camera with me to chronicle my last work trip of the year… this will mostly be to torment Ms. @GiniDietrich but also to show the kid where i was.

    I would also add video to this list as a quick hit update, like your good morning ones to the lil one, could be a good medium for companies to give quick updates to customers, fans and or followers. I think the WWE does a good job of this with Tout getting fans behind the action.

    • Absolutely, great point on the video stuff. As you know, I totally agree on the photography, and it’s just too easy to do it, and not get it done!

  • Great tips, Geoff, but I have to take issue with #2. Your recommendation is certainly better than crowdsourcing the design and creative development, but crowdsourcing opinion on the final stages of logos, advertising and company branding decisions reduces the process to nothing more than a beauty competition. It devalues the true importance of those efforts which is to satisfy any number of strategic and logistical objectives.

    As I’m sure you know, ads are usually meant to target specific segments of the population and logos are meant to convey a specific image or perhaps signify a change in company direction, among many other things. The objective is not to create something that visually appeals to a portion of an undefined segment of your community that happens to weigh in on what they like on a particular day. At best, that will only provide misleading data and be a distraction to achieving a successful result.

    I can see crowdsourcing being used as one of the many barometers used to make certain decisions, and perhaps there is value in involving your community, but certainly other things can be done that are just as effective instead of compromising such important things as company brand identities and advertising campaigns.

    • I guess you could say that. I guess you could also say that once you’ve achieved the value and image that you want to convey with creative concepts and everyone is happy inside, then this is a nice way to embrace your extended community. It is all about your ethos towards your stakeholders and their role (or non role) as brand advocates. Thank you for explaining this differing and valid opinion.

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