Not Shying Away from Our Great Crisis

Hurricane Sandy
Hurricane Sandy by EUMETSAT

2012 brought the United States two more storms of the century, the famed Derecho that hit my area and of course, Hurricane Sandy. Each year, it becomes clearer we’ve created an environmental crisis that continues to threaten the human species.

The impact of climate change has become so obvious, BusinessWeek published a cover story after Sandy that declared, “It’s Global Warming, Stupid.”

Each year increases in heat, 2012 becoming the hottest on record.

Oceans remain embattled. More species are extinct. There is more CO2 in the air than ever before.

Businesses still need to move from pure ROI models to sustainable long term visions that embrace long term community health. We as people need to awaken to our wonton consumerism.

I used to blog about the environment, and the issues surrounding it quite frequently. I stopped because they weren’t well read.

A few years ago, I wrote about the issue for Blog Action Day. At the time, I said I believed it was the crisis of our times.

Three more years has only strengthened that conviction. The crisis has only become more dire.

It’s a new year. I intend to publish business resolutions next Friday. But there is one that supersedes all: I can’t turn away from the environmental crisis anymore in spite of low traffic.

Every Friday I write about something somewhat to very personal. I think I owe it to myself, my family and frankly, you, to stop shying away from the environmental conversation because it isn’t popular.

So look for an environmental post periodically on Fridays. I promise to make it fun, proactive and as engaging as possible… No environmentalist finger-wagging!

What do you think of the environmental crisis?