Win a Copy of Amazing Things Will Happen

Amazing Things Will Happen
Image by Aliza Sherman

My friend C.C. Chapman released his second book, Amazing Things Will Happen. Continuing a tradition of book give-aways here, the five best answers/comments in response to C.C.’s question will receive a complimentary copy of the book from me (and Amazon).

First, let me say, Amazing Things is a great read about how to make your dreams come true. I thought it was the blogger’s version of the Artist’s Way. Amazing Things is full of ideas and tips to spark, complete and enjoy that next success. It’s a fast and enjoyable read.

Perhaps most importantly, the book sparked me to re-engage in a personal project that I had left fallow for years. I realized the time would never be right unless I made it so. Fate doesn’t just happen, we have to do the leg work. C.C. reminded me that all of my successes were because I ventured forward.

If you don’t believe me, see what the Washington Post had to say about it.

C.C.’s question for you:

What would you love to see more businesses do to make the world better?

I took the liberty of kicking off the conversation with an answer of my own…

Personally, I’d like to see more businesses encourage sustainability through their own carbon footprints, employee benefits programs and corporate social responsibility (CSR)/cause marketing efforts.

In my opinion, the environmental crisis is the issue of our times. Business owners are in the best position to address these issues through strategic investments that reduce costs and strengthen products.

Imagine how much better the carbon dioxide problem would have been if the auto industry was more proactive about emissions as opposed to needing regulations?

Mindfulness about product development and community impact can also really define a corporate culture. I really love Starbucks’ marketing focus on strong environmental awareness and its commitment to local communities. There’s no question that Starbucks strategically ties cause marketing and CSR to its larger branding initiatives.

I wish more companies would act like Starbucks.

OK, now it’s your turn. What would you love to see more businesses do to make the world better? I’ll come back in over the weekend to award the winners.