Rest in Peace, Mort

Last week my family lost a real hero, my step grandfather Morton Waber. A World War II veteran who fought in Patton’s Third Army, Mort enjoyed 97 years life.

He died in his beloved’s arms, Miriam (71 years of marriage) planning a retirement party for my Dad. It was a fitting end for a man who always had a firm positive take on life.

Mort entered my life when I was a tween. He made a huge impact on me as did his daughter Maxine, my step mom.

Imagine a divorce torn family, and a second family that unconditionally embraces and shelters the fractured one. We were welcomed and loved by the Wabers, and it was perhaps the most powerful lesson on principles I have seen.

An insurance man, Mort had retired by the time I knew him. He volunteered with many organizations before and during his retirement, and won a Big Brother of the year award. Other notable service positions included work with a local hospice and at the local police station.


I learned so much from this man, a man who impacted almost everyone he touched.

He passed as I was making my way to keynote last week’s WWPR annual lunch. The call came in from my Dad on my cell, and didn’t pick up the message. I kind of knew, and decided to forgo confirmation.

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  1. Beautiful tribute to someone who obviously made such a difference to so many. The photos capture so much, and the one with Soleil is like the basis of a story about the wisdom of age and the blossoming of youth: a bridge, a passage, a connection…so beautiful.

  2. I’m so sorry for your loss, Geoff. Mort sounds wonderful. I wish I’d known him. My warmest to you and all the family. What a wonderful legacy he has left, though, and the world is a better place for him having passed through it.

  3. Geoff,

    I am sorry for your loss. Your tribute shows the respect and admiration that our elders deserve. Reading this was touching and thank you for sharing with us. Best to you and your family.

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