Rest in Peace, Mort

Last week my family lost a real hero, my step grandfather Morton Waber. A World War II veteran who fought in Patton’s Third Army, Mort enjoyed 97 years life.

He died in his beloved’s arms, Miriam (71 years of marriage) planning a retirement party for my Dad. It was a fitting end for a man who always had a firm positive take on life.

Mort entered my life when I was a tween. He made a huge impact on me as did his daughter Maxine, my step mom.

Imagine a divorce torn family, and a second family that unconditionally embraces and shelters the fractured one. We were welcomed and loved by the Wabers, and it was perhaps the most powerful lesson on principles I have seen.

An insurance man, Mort had retired by the time I knew him. He volunteered with many organizations before and during his retirement, and won a Big Brother of the year award. Other notable service positions included work with a local hospice and at the local police station.


I learned so much from this man, a man who impacted almost everyone he touched.

He passed as I was making my way to keynote last week’s WWPR annual lunch. The call came in from my Dad on my cell, and didn’t pick up the message. I kind of knew, and decided to forgo confirmation.