10 Good Things

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There’s been a lot of pointed conversation online of late. Sometimes it’s nice to take a step back, and breathe in clean air. So I thought I’d share some gratitude this Friday and walk out on a high note.

Here are 10 good things happening right now:

1) The Phoenix Rises

Patrick Ashamalla, Shonali Burke and I successfully rebooted the BlogPotomac franchise as xPotomac on Monday. The feedback has been provocative, and indicative of a repeatable conference. We will meet later this month to conduct a post mortem and discuss next steps.

BlogPotomac was great, pulling together the DC social community in new thoughtful ways. Since ending the series in 2009, I watched local conversation settle into the standard fodder. I wanted a second chance for a community gathering about the edge of new media. You don’t know what you got until its gone.

With my new partners, a new venue and some style tweaks, xPotomac is different and edgier, perhaps fitting for this new era of visual communications. Woohoo!

2) My Knee Feels Good

For the first time in more than six months, my right knee is relatively pain free. I blew a hole in my cartilage last fall during my Tough Mudder, aggravating what was an ongoing knee problem. Microfracture and arthriscopic surgery over Christmas repaired the knee by building scar tissue, which creates replacement cushion.

In the past week I exercised on an elliptical three days in a row, 40 minutes a shot and lifted heavy weights on my knee. The pain receded in spite of this serious work out, and my physical therapist scheduled my final three sessions.

If I receive clearance from my orthopedic surgeon, I will book another Tough Mudder. Yes, I am crazy, but I refuse to get knocked down and not get back up. That’s who I am. I intend to run the Mudder as a charity fundraiser for the environment.

3) SxSW Is Next Week!

It’s reunion time! I can’t wait to see all of my friends on my fifth journey to SxSW. It’s the best place to reconnect with so many people, and often the only time I get to spend time with them.

Really, SxSW is my favorite show, and though I have a few more conferences I am speaking at or attending this spring, this is the grand daddy for me. This year, I am proud to help organize and support three parties including allhat. I may get a new tattoo this time, my third Austin tat, and eighth overall, too.

4) The Hoyas Are #7

Georgetown basketball is back this year in the best way. We are currently seventh ranked, in first place in the Big East, and looking mean at the right time of year. I’m looking forward to rooting for my alma mater this March Madness!

5) Opening Bell

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My primary client this winter has been Vocus, and I was honored to go to New York and support the company during their NASDAQ bell opining on Wednesday. This is an exciting thing to do!!! I felt more invigorated from a business standpoint than I have in several quarters!

And it was nice to take some photos, too. I hope you have an opportunity to attend a bell opening at some point in your professional career.

6) Private Project

Odd to talk about a private project, but I have one going on (yes, I broke my New Years resolution). While it’s nowhere near ready to fly, and I intend to take my sweet time working on it for life balance purposes, my first review of project X came in and it’s better than I thought. Very, very encouraged by this feedback.

7) No More Amends

I made an amends to the last blogger on a list of folks I had called out by name between 2008-2011. Over the past two years, I have literally shook hands with, made amends, and/or wished all of these people well. Some have accepted the amends, others remain angry, and that’s their right.

I truly feel that I have changed my ways, and will not call out individual bloggers anymore. It’s nice to be free of a feeling like you screwed someone over. I still have my dislikes and now more than ever operate online as a lone wolf, but it’s a nicer world for me.

Oddly, I receive more criticism than I ever have (currently culling Triberr memberships after enough of you spoke to me privately), and I won’t lie, some of it stings. But now that I am through my own critical period, I tend to take most of it less personally, an ironic odd correlation.

8) Parenting Still Rocks

Soleil at Gymboree

Miss Soleil is taking classes at Gymboree for art and playtime, and her language skills keep evolving rapidly. We have conversations all the time. I hate business travel, and look forward to my time with her after work and during weekends. Being a Dad is the best thing ever.

9) Mini Vacation Happening

After SxSW, I will meet both of my ladies in Miami for a brief vacation. We’ll be on South Beach so they can have fun in the sun, and at night I will attend the World Baseball Classic, my first one. Go U.S.!

10) Happy Birthday, Joanne!

Last but not least, today is my baby sister‘s last birthday as a 30-something. Joanne is a normal person who doesn’t care about social media, so she probably won’t see this post, but I love her very much. We didn’t get along as children at all, but have grown close in our 30s. It’s been amazing to see the incredible woman she has become.

So, that’s a lot of good stuff! What’s good in your life?