Secrets No One Cares About

Image by val.pearl

Image by val.pearl

No one wants their company to become the best kept secret. Yet so many unknown companies today hold trade secrets to their chest like they were gold.

If a technology is not found, it’s worthless. If a process is not used, it’s meaningless.

Value is determined by the customer, and without customers companies have no value.

Yes, you could make a powerful argument that technologies or processes in their own right are valuable.

But when tech companies buy each other the value is almost always inherently tied to existing sales or uses, including whether or not a patent is necessary for an existing product group. So unknown unused tech fails again. The same goes for consultancies and traditional businesses with logisitics and customer service processes.

So many start-ups work in denial of this reality. It’s as if they assume success before it happens.

You need customers. You need distribution. Without customers — which means telling people about your product — you will not succeed.

I’m not saying publish your patents for public download on DropBox. Or maybe if you’re Red Hat or pushing a software protocol that is a good idea.

What I am saying is that without business you have nothing to protect. The potential for gains far outweigh the risk of losses.

Protecting technologies and trade secrets from competitors is the luxury of leaders.

Especially when you have a secret that no one cares about.

What do you think about trade secrets and unknown ventures?