Google Reader Causes Pivot (and Purge)


Well, the RSS apocolypse is upon us thanks to Google’s planned sunsetting of Reader. Now that my Reader has been scheduled for termination, expect a pivot.

Of course, the sunsetting of Reader disrupts my and many other bloggers’ daily link sharing on Twitter and Google Plus, which causes change. Since xPotomac and SxSW have passed (creating more time), I plan on starting anew, and rebuilding on Feedly and Flipboard with new voices on a wider range of topics.

I go through periods of discontent online. Currently, I’m in one.

What can I say? I’m really bored with what I see online right now. There’s no one to blame for that but me. I subscribed to all of this!

So, when events like the Reader sunset announcement happen, I inevitably take the impetus to shake things up by purging, and moving toward a new direction.

It’s kind of like moving. You throw out what you don’t want.

Where am I going?

Here are several directional pivots:

1) Move toward futurist conversations about media and technology evolution.

2) Leadership and great people are marked by acts, and I’m looking to follow more of them.

3) People who acknowledge problems and achieve solutions (or are working towards them).

4) I am fascinated by new storytelling methods, and how writing and video entertainment continue to evolve.

5) Cyberpunk and science fiction and how they offer visions for technology.

I expect reading on a wider variety of topics will also mean that I’ll be sharing new content here, and on Twitter as well.

Sometimes these periods are unpopular, as they represent a break from what I typically talk about and share.

At the same time, you are either moving forward or backward intellectually. If you only talk and revisit the same conversations over and over again, you’re really staying put and not growing. Meanwhile the market evolves.

Growth means change. Onward.

What do you think of the Google Reader sunset announcement?