• Geoff,

    Interesting to watch the evolving landscape. My burning question is how to differentiate between reporting and promoting?

    The lines seem to have become a bit blurred.


    • I agree, and as we see more brand journalism and a smaller and smaller journalist corps, it becomes harder and harder to distinguish quality information.

  • The last bit is very good. I don’t understand why people think they should pitch something over social media. Might make an inquiry, but not a pitch. Though, a little shocked about how receptive people are over email. This is why we all have over 600 messages in our inbox to sort through every day *lol*

    • Well, I don’t necessarily think people are receptive over email, it’s just easier to ignore! Delete!

  • I have the usual concern regarding reporters and social media meaning that the 24 hour news cycle and the need to break stories sooner than later does concern me.

    That is because it is easy to use social media to dress up “stories” so that media think they have a credible source.

    But the tools are too valuable and powerful to just ignore so…

    • It’s certainly changed the nature of news. We see more and more publications making mistakes, quick to break news, and this is a result of the hastened social media news cycle… And less paid reporters. A no win.

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