• How very cool that you went with your natty dad.

  • NATS are doing a nice job. Although, on the digital tickets thing, they didn’t do it with the parking passes. Thus, you still have to physically get them to the appropriate party.

    Ravens have been very proactive here too. The result of having more staff dedicated to digital than traditional flacks.


    • Great to see you, Chris! Parking passes, meh, metro it, brother! Will have to check out the Ravens package, too.

  • The Nationals are going to be downright nasty this year.

    Go Sox.

  • Would love to see the wireless experience improve in all stadiums/arenas. Yes, I know we have “life right in front of us with people beside us”, but we still love some basic social sharing…and this is some of the best content because it includes contextual pictures/videos.

    Cool to see them encouraging use of the hashtag. We actually did an offshoot of our Pulse Analytics that has a “flip page” format. Left hand side is for top tweets/Facebook/G+ statuses based upon retweets and comments/shares. The rest of the dashboard is devoted to pictures people share to Instagram and Facebook.

    It would be so easy for teams to gamify this experience…winner of each category, at the end of an event, gets a signed t-shirt, tickets, etc. Teams would get a groundswell of support from fans having fun doing it.

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