PICTORIAL: The Worldcon Experience

I’m at the 71st Annual World Science Fiction Convention, or Worldcon as it’s known in the SF community, to promote Exodus. The Labor Day weekend event is my first science fiction event, and it’s pretty fun!

The weekend is supposed be crazy here in San Antonio with 5000 people coming overall, and masquerade day on Saturday (costumes). Yesterday early arrivals came, and most of us who are exhibiting got set up.

Having attended a ComicCon before, this event has some of the same feel but is a lot less glitzy. It’s definitely a true geek’s event with tons of fun conversations. Anyway, enough blabbing, here are some pictures to give you an idea! I’ll be adding more photos here throughout the weekend.

The Elves!

Ride the Bull
Ride the bull at WorldCon (oh my!)

Red Fox
Red Fox

Meet the Authors
Book signing

Steam Punk
Steam Punk

Steampunk Exhibit
Steampunk Exhibit

Linda King2
One of my fellow exhibitors, Linda King

AJ Moore
Another of my fellow exhibitors, AJ Moore

Me at WorldCon
Um, yeah

The Alamo
And of course, scenic San Antonio