• Great insight you share Geoff on a very opinionated topic. Taco Bell owned the problem and handled it well. I sometimes think, we in the industry are the ones that feed the “press” on the negative issues and quietly go about everyday work when no slight misstep is occurring. Once that incident happens, the “marketing saints” jump at the opportunity to tear a brand down. As they say “Shit Happens” and in the iPhone-in-hand world of today everybody knows it when it does. So just chill and make sure how it happened and how it is handled before chunking the spear!

  • Yep Geoff, not a blip. I wrote about so many of these instances on Social Justice that it almost became monotonous: 1) Brand is foiled by a silly employee 2) Social Media explodes 3) Brand goes on without a hitch and often grows revenue.

    I actually decided to pivot the series last week and focus on social good being done by companies. Great post.

  • Bandwagon bloggers…although I do like the Social Justice series from ArCompany. I just knew that it would fade from memory pretty quickly – especially if it is done by a single employee.

    We had our instances of huge backlash with the Dominos and Nestle instances, now we are desensitized to these “social scandals” unless it really targets a group from a discrimination point of view.

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