Photos from the Southwest

Today is our last day vacationing in the Southwest United States. As I want to do on trips of this nature, I took plenty of photographs. Of course, the Grand Canyon was most scenic, but I’d actually say Sedona was my favorite visit from a sheer awe standpoint. The red rocks were insane, and hiking atop the Cathedral Vortex for sunrise was an all time classic memory. Monument Valley and Santa Fe were not too shabby, either.

Below find select photos from all four locations. I ran out of battery for a few days so some of the shots were taken with my Samsung Galaxy Note. You can see my complete set here.


The city of Sedona

Cathedral Rock Vortex V2
The Cathedral Rock Vortex from afar.

Cathedral Rock Vortex (Cathedral Trail View)
The Approach to Cathedral Rock

The Sun Rises at the Cathedral Rock Vortex
Sunrise Atop Cathedral Rock

Grand Canyon

Sunset on Grand Canyon
Sunset at the Grand Canyon

Full Moon Over the Grand Canyon Long Exposure
Full Moon Rises Above the Grand Canyon (long exposure)

Desert Tower and the Girls
Soleil and Catilin Play Outside of the Desert Tower (lower right)

Sun Rays Coming Into the Canyon
The Grand Canyon at Dusk

Monument Valley/Four Corners

Bluffs in Monument Valley_Snapseed
Monument Valley

The Mittens at Monument Valley
The Mittens Monuments

Soleil at Monument Valley
Soleil and Her Teddy Bear

More Bluffs in Bluff, UT (1)
The Bluffs in Bluff, UT

Santa Fe

Santa Fe Railyard Water Tower
The New Santa Fe Railyard

Soleil Walks the Santa Fe Railyard_Snapseed
An Old Engine Awaits New Passengers

Train Approaches Santa Fe Railyard
And an Action Shot at the Railyard

Soleil Admires the Wind Sculpture Farm
Throughout Santa Fe You Can View Fantastic Art

The Governor's Palace in Santa Fe
The Governor’s Palace in Santa Fe (400 Years Old)