Do You Dream Still?

Living with a young child reminds you of the incredible power of dreams. More and more of my childhood dreams fall to the wayside as I age. But I still dare to dream. Soleil reminds me of the power of dreamms, that there is still hope.

When Soleil wakes up and we have breakfast, I like to ask her now and then if she dreamed. She always says yes, and then when asked, she tells me that she dreams about ponies or horses.

When I dig deeper, she doesn’t talk to them and they aren’t having their own adventures. Everytime she is riding them, often in the mountains.

It always touches my heart. At the same time, I fear for my wallet (LOL)! Let’s hope the periodic pony ride cuts the mustard. Still, it’s really sweet, and as her dreams evolve, I hope she feels empowered to go and make them happen.

My dreams today revolve around family life, travel, books and movie scripts, of helping people make a difference in their lives and careers, and building a decent company. I still have my bucket list (which needs a healthy refresh), too. And maybe, just maybe I can take Soleil on a mule ride across the Grand Canyon, too.


At the same time, I don’t kid myself anymore about becoming the top blogger in the sector or running a Fortune 500 company or becoming president of the United States. No, the dreams of today are grounded in the missteps of the past as much as they are in the fantasies of my imagination. Some of these are simply character, I was not to fill these roles. Others, well, I made mistakes.

Yet, I do dream. I can’t help it. It’s hard not to. And when you see the exuberance of a child’s innocent, yet powerful dream, a sense of excitement wells up inside of you.

Do you dream still?