Waiting for Life to Happen

Do you wait for life to happen?

It was Jack Welch who said, “Contol your own destiny or someone else will.” Jack seems to have a superman attitude that fails to recognize the influence of outside forces, but… You can let the world run you, or you can create opportunities.

I don’t wait for things to happen, and I don’t give others full power to determine my destiny. This is true in business and in other pursuits. Yes, things are often out of our control, but we can always create another opportunity by proactively engaging.

I rarely have no options because I am constantly creating other chances and opportunities. If you don’t look for new business, it’s not going to land on your door. Even when opportunity does come, inevitably it’s because of proactive marketing and activities.

But the key is to do the footwork. If you do the footwork, the opportunities appear.

As the old saying goes, when one door closes, another opens. The hard part is walking down the hallway and turning all the door knobs until it opens. That’s when the fear kicks in. You have to walk through that fear.

Writing and Destiny

People often ask me when I will write another business book. My honest answer is I don’t know. I’d rather focus on writing fiction, at least for the immediate future, and so I do. And while I can’t invest the time in fiction like I would a business book, it won’t happen on its own. I have to write every day!

Because I want to publish fiction, I didn’t even look for a publisher last year. I went out on my own. Destiny is not kind to fiction authors who leave their fate in the hands of traditional agents and publishers.

Publishing Exodus was one of the most powerful and fulfilling moments of personal destiny I have ever experienced.

I honestly believe one of my books will break open some larger opportunity. Why? Because footwork produces opportunities. Perhaps it’s a movie deal, or a traditional publisher buys the rights to my books, or drops a fat contract opportunity in my email, or maybe by the time I am an old man, they just start selling en masse. But it won’t happen if I don’t pay attention to my hobby when I can.

Moving Forwrd

Today is the first full week of the year. I am pretty busy, but I think that’s because I busted my butt in October, November and December.

Now it’s time to keep moving forward, and create opportunities for the second quarter and beyond. If we want a full destiny, then we must take the necessary actions to make it appear.

What actions will you take to create opportunities in your life?

Featured image by Robert Gouley.


  • I have just started walking down the hallway. Who knows what doors will open? The first step is always the hardest (and the most exciting).

  • If you do write another business book, I hope it’s closer to Fifth Estate than Marketing in the Round, which was very basic compared to the thought leadership you normally show.

    • It’s funny because the MiTR publisher thought Fifth Estate was too thick/deep. Yet, Fifth Estate is my favorite business book that I authored. I promise you’ll see more of the same if there is another business book.

  • Timely post. “Writing and Destiny” was especially helpful for me in this moment. “I have to write every day!” – Thx Geoff

  • I take a step in the direction of my dreams each day…even when it’s a mis-step. Cheers! Kaarina

  • Nicely done. I especially liked that you alluded to the idea that almost everything happens now because of what we did 30 to 90 days ago. It’s truth.

    • It’s so true, though. The funny thing is we often panic in the now, rather than work towards this very near term future. Hope you are doing well!

  • I’m not giving up on obtaining my dream job and I’m scheduling my time so as to have more opportunities to be with my daughter and try new things.

    • That’s the way. By doing you are showing her, too. That’s one of the reasons I am adamant about pushing forward!

  • If I were starting over, I’d advise my younger self to “wait for life to happen” more often. Always trying to “control your destiny” is a sure way of sucking the life out of your life. Occasionally letting someone or something else control your destiny can be the best way to manifest your destiny. Goals, plans, strategies, missions, and visions are all important, but things rarely turn our according to our plans or new year’s resolutions. I’ve always been my most productive and successful self when I’ve maintained an equal balance between controlling my destiny and creating serendipity.

    • I think balance is important. That’s kind of what I meant in my remark about Jack’s Superhuman view.

      That being said, my biggest mistakes in business have been assuming others would take care of my best interests. Never overrely on others. They always disappoint you sooner or later. While concrete goals may not be realized, having options and opportunities is. That’s why personal footwork is important.

  • I lay a lot of groundwork and say “yes” to the things that get me closer to where I want to be, which, at the moment, includes working on illustrations and text for a book.

    Perhaps I’m on the other end of the spectrum. I feel like I’ve been having to learn to let life happen a little more rather than go and go and go all the time.

  • love this, Geoff. it’s all about letting go of fear so you can be more open to opportunities. and there’s SO much opportunity. it’s quite exciting when you’re ready to walk down the hall, and open the doors.

    • Ha, you have such a good spirit. Me, I am scared most of the time, but I still walk it! Got to! Thanks for adding your good wishes.

  • love this, He. it’s all about allowing go of worry so you can be more start to possibilities. and there’s SO much chance. it’s quite interesting when you’re prepared simply to stroll down the area, and start the gates.


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