Going Back to Mirrors

Last weekend at #NatsFest, my Olympus PEN-3 died an honorable death. It served me well through two years of toddler-dom. The photos in this post are the last ones I took with it.

In its stead, I decided to go back to the traditional DSLR camera with mirrors. So my new Nikon D7100 arrives today in the mail at some point. I had owned one of its predecessors, the D90, through 2011.

As much as I liked the compact nature of the Olympus body, and the sharp micro 4/3 picture, it just wasn’t the same. I had a much harder time manipulating light with the manual settings. As a result, while the PEN-3 took sharp photos they just never felt completely natural to me.


I hear newer editions of the micro 4/3 camera have evolved significantly, but in the end I decided to give the technology some more time to mature.

It was not a cut and dry choice. I almost got a Nikon D610, but elected to hold back on the full frame format for now. If I grow Tenacity5 to ten employees, that will be my reward.

So here’s to a new vessel for wonderful pictures. What do you shoot with?


  • While I love photography, I use my iPhone 4s for 99% of the photos I take. (With great success I may say so myself.) I sometimes borrow my husband’s Canon G15 (it is our second G) and it is a nice compact camera.

  • I’m with @avandenhurk:disqus – much to my chagrin almost all of my images are done with my Galaxy III. I have a DSLR (Pentax) and love the quality of the images (usually I end up muttering to myself – “It’s the optics idiot,”) but usually there’s some reason I _don’t_ want to take it. Weight, needing to pack an extra bag, needing to protect it more than I want to, battery isn’t charged, etc.

    For quality though, if I’m really inspired I’ll pull out a 60’s era Nikon I’ve got tucked away along with some rolls of 35mm Kodak and go completely old school. For the record – The thrill of opening a packet of prints, NOT knowing what you’ll find never gets old.

  • my iPhone 5s…which means I’ve captured more moments over the last couple of years w/iPhones than I did my entire life prior to getting that mobile camera.

  • Current preference is the reviled Canon EOS M. A bit slow to focus at times (is better after a recent firmware update) but has a nice sensor and lens. Am getting used to the touch screen that can be customized, which has become one of my favorite features. Never expected that. I’m an oldie former pro who was baffled by why anyone would want automatic cameras. Almost all cameras are good today. But what do I know? I still pull out a Nikkormat at times, bought when I was 12 (mid ’60’s).

    The reality, though, is if you send an Ansel Adams out with a box camera and a Joe Schmoe out with a D7100, Adams will always bring the best shots home.

    Does the choice of gear really matter enough?

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