14 Inspiring Love Photos

It’s Valentine’s Day and Hallmark has won again, though if you are alone there are plenty of companies hunting for your dollar, too! Rather than write a Valentine’s Day post — which would likely come off as cheesy or stiff — I decided to hunt for some love photos on Flickr.

Here are fourteen that I found inspiring. The featured image is one I took of my daughter Soleil. The other thirteen are others fine work. I hope you enjoy!

Love by Yoann Jezequel.

Love by labspics

Love Love Love
Love Love Love by Gregory Jordan

Book Of Love
Book of Love by h a m i d j a h a n g i r ©

Gay Marriage - Gay wedding planner
Gay Marriage by Gay Travel Advice

african american pregnant woman
Pregnant woman by Baba Zuwa

Candid Station Kiss
Candid Station Kiss by Mikael Colville-Anderson

Friends by floridapfe

Holding hands
Holding hands by Jaymal

Hug by Namor Trebat

Passionate tango
Passionate tango by Willy GS

Dogs Can Hug!
Dogs Can Hug! by OllieSteiner

Kiss by [fotogranina].