Photobomb Me

I have a confession. I love photobombs. Not just delivering a good photobomb, but also when they happen in one of my pictures.

In an era of vain selfies and group pics creating a social media-driven seen and be seen world of Facebook/Pinterest/Instagram pics, what better way to burst the like/love/+1 bubble than an epic photobomb?

Image from Epic Fail

Yeah, it kind of sucks to have a nice photo bombed, but with so many people taking pics everywhere they go on their smartphones, it is inevitable. How many times do you see someone pull-up and take a photo oblivious to their environs and the many people around them?

Shana Glickfield photobombs my xPotomac panoramic.

Let’s face it. Photobombs are pretty funny. Even Jimmy Fallon is photobombing tourists. It is hard to take one’s self seriously when you see it happen so much.


Sometimes photobombs are unintentional. The above pic is one my daughter asked me take with her and George Washington’s family as portrayed by these statues at Mt. Vernon. The family behind the statues couldn’t help but be amused by this three year old girl demanding that her father take a pic of her holding onto a statue. And there they are unwittingly photobombing us.


Regardless of intent, in my mind the photobomb is perhaps the greatest antidote to the selfie zeitgeist. They add levity to social media hubris.

What do you think of photobombs?

Featured image photobomb delivered by Jess Ostroff and Tom Martin to Stacey Miller and Michael Stelzner.