Tenacity5 Turns One

Tenacity5 Media turned one today! It’s been a successful voyage that’s seen some exciting work and an expansion into new ventures, including some great visual media projects and pranks — I was remarking on the one-year anniversary when my staff pulled this one.

We just launched a new website (Yes, it is 1999.), and have started to aggregate our insights on future media and present work. Check out the future and present sections on tenacity5.com [http://tenacity5.com] to learn more.

More than anything, this year has been one of rediscovering the joy of communications. Visual media and the customer data that informs it has empowered a new wave of exciting creative work, including an historic $53 million giving day with Give Local America, xPotomac, an award-winning campaign with Outmarket, and our recent content initiative with Cision, Brian Solis and Gapingvoid.

We have two other significant content efforts on the way; one with DC start-up SocialRadar and another with Capitol Communicator. And on Thursday, I fly to Mexico with renowned national photographer (and client) Cade Martin for a behind-the-scenes Day of the Dead photo shoot and citizen-reporting venture. You’ll see a full report next Monday on the @cademartin Twitter handle and here.

I wouldn’t have reached this one-year milestone without my talented team, Erin Feldman, director of editorial services, and Jessica Bates, director of digital media. We also received significant help from Jess Ostroff and Don’t Panic Management.

Thank you for your support during the past year. If there’s anything my team or I can do to be of service, even if it is just to “pick our brains” for 15 minutes, just ask. We’ll make it happen in November.