#GivingTuesday Edition: Frosty’s Ice Slides


Today is #GivingTuesday, and my father is raising money for RSVP, a Montgomery County, PA volunteering hub, which is trying to give a book to every local Head Start preschooler. For many families, RSVP-provided books are they only ones they have in their home. Other family members share these books and they often become the catalyst to family reading.

So today I am featuring this photo of Frosty, the Snowman’s ice slides, a themed adventure for children based on the wonderful story of an animated snowman. Every photo you license today on #365FullFrame will have half of its proceeds to buy kids books!

A $5 #GivingTuesday donation buys a Head Start child one book through RSVP of Montgomery County, PA. So every photo license will buy children a minimum of five books. Festively wrapped in decorated canvas bags, these books can provide the catalyst for family reading.

“I support this cause because every $5 donation can make a significant difference in a child’s life and a family’s quest for literacy,” said my Dad. And as a man whio was raised in Montgomery County, PA and the father of a preschooler, I am more than thrilled to support RSVP and Head Start. I hope you do, too. License a #365ff photo today, and help kids learn how to read.