Sunsetting the Tenacity5 Brand

I am publishing this post with a profound sense of sadness. Over the past six months, Tenacity5 experienced a lovely spike in growth. It was followed by an epic collapse while I was in Africa, creating a challenging situation.

Some of the issues had to do with client acquisitions and reorganizations, but I would be lying if I didn’t note that some of our own mistakes contributed to this situation. Though they have been corrected, we have been grinding through the current slump for several months. Now I have decided to sunset the brand at the end of the year.

My decision to do this lies in three factors:

1) We’re not making great money.
2) The work we are getting is tactical and not highly engaging (social media community management, blogs, white papers).
3) The amount of effort needed to turn the company around is extremely demanding for a middle-aged man with a family.

Frankly, any one of these reasons would not be enough to stop me. Even two might be worth grinding through. All three, however, have forced some deep introspection and a decision to return to independent strategy consulting short term; some photojournalism work; and a new, more enjoyable challenge long term. I guess tenaciousness has its limits.

Erin Feldman will inherit our remaining content marketing accounts and execute on them through the rest of the year (and hopefully beyond). She is a fantastic marketing program creator and writer. I want to thank her for all of her hard work over the past two years. Erin is literally the best employee I have ever had, and a tremendous team player. My hat is off to you, “Write Right”.

We will keep the Tenacity5 site up for any residual leads. Peace to those who have supported us during the past two years. I am grateful for our experiences together.



  • I know too well the pain and challenge that goes along with deciding to close a company which I experienced when I chose to close our clothing company after protracted (groundless) TM litigation. But as the lines in the song go: you gotta’ know when to hold ’em and know when to fold ’em.
    As trite as it sounds, the end is really a new beginning, and I know that great things are in store for you. It is the wise person who knows when to close a chapter and create a new one. I wish you a wonderful next chapter.

    • Thanks, Kaarina. I appreciate the kind words. Not much to say on my side, still digesting it. But it is what it is and the sadness comes with relief, too.

  • Hi @geofflivingston:disqus… What a beautiful sunset you have created! Tony and I have followed you for quite some time…your gift with photography and with the written word is compelling and often inspiring. The wisdom that you bring to this difficult decision speaks to the promise of excitement and growth as you move forward. We wish you much happiness and satisfaction with your new journey. Handing the baton over to the very capable hands of Erin Feldman is truly the definition of win/win!

    Here’s to years of new and exciting experiences!

  • Best of luck in your new adventure. And now for something completely different!

  • Oh Geoff, I am sorry to hear that. It’s never an easy decision.
    I’m sure you will keep doing amazing stuff and maybe one day we can do some good things together.

  • Geoff: you are a true talent. I’ve known you for quite a while and one thing I am sure of is that you will always land feet first. The other thing I know is that you stay true to your beliefs and do a great job of keeping priorities in perspective. Lets grab coffee soon- would love to hear about your current thinking.

  • As difficult as this decision was for everyone involved, I have faith that they’ll continue to fantastic work that they can be proud of. Everyone involved in this venture are rock stars of the highest caliber. While it’s sad to see this chapter ending, I’m excited to see where the new, blank pages ahead lead everyone.

  • Sorry you had to make that difficult decision, but I have no doubt that you will be on to bigger and better things very soon. Best of success to you, Geoff!

  • The best has yet to come Geoff!
    You have the talent and determination to succeed..move towards what pulls you.
    Best wishes.

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