• Geoff – I appreciate your analysis of Twitter’s challenges and opportunities. Thanks for sharing the thoughtful comments from your contributors over on your Facebook discussion too.

    Adding new functions are not a Silver Bullet for Twitter or other social networks. Quality conversations are key but there are other challenges brewing today as well. With so many social networks and messaging apps already, users are saturated. New social networks are quickly fading or shuttered (Ello, Tsu, Secret) and even the big ones are struggling to monetize. Beyond a handful targeted to teens how long until the novelty of Peach, Yik Yak and Snapchat wears off given their narrow audience? They all have their work cut out for them.

    Facebook saw this coming awhile ago with their strategic acquisitions of WeChat and Instagram and with the development of Facebook at Work to expand into the Enterprise space. Along with a return to quality conversations, would a creative and strategic merger / acquisition also be key to Twitter’s success? Who would it be with? ~ @DR4WARD aka Dr. William J. Ward

    • Things have evolved so much. I agree with you, but there are so many networks that are fast moving and growing rapidly. Snpachat and Pinterest came out of nowhere. How long until Twitter gets bought. A mercy kill of sorts.

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