• Geoff, I do hope this move does allow for the true social experience. I’m going to follow your lead. 95% of the folks I’m following I have little to no real interaction with on the platform and often due to all the links shared I can’t tell them from others I’m following. Wow. That’s just a sad sentence I’ve written.

    • It’s not really a social experience, is it? I think people aren’t wearing their hearts on their sleeves anymore with the following bit. You should be OK.

  • The power of lists. Long been one of my favourite features of Twitter and
    continues to be. I can not for my own sanity follow more than ~2000
    people. I lost a big chunk of followers (~600) when I unfollowed them however it cleared out majority of ‘junk’.

    • I think that’s the trick, making it a meaningful experience rather than pursuing the vanity metrics. the further we get away from posturing for execs or others, the better things get!

  • I rarely used twitter since it became so spammy. With a clean up or clear up, along with my own pruning, I might jump back in.

  • You’re well rid of the people who unfollowed you for unfollowing them. I do keep track of who unfollows me and often continue following them anyway, if they add value to my timeline. Playing Twitter as a follower numbers game is puerile.

    I’m yet to be convinced of the desirability of Twitter interfering with my TL though. I like the chaos and rawness of it just the way it is. I did a mass cull on who I was following a while ago and can attest to the cleansing benefits.

    Great post – thanks.

    • Very good points here. And yes, we’ll all need to experience the algorithm to believe in it. Talks cheap (especially on Twitter).

      Thanks for coming by, Mike!

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