• Remembering back in the “ol’ days” when we had fun talking about silly things on Twitter. Then we got quanitified. Instead of a few friends we got thousands and we became trackable potential customers.

  • Excellent perspective, Geoff! Happy to be a two-percenter! I’d held off on Snapchat for a long time, but have recently started using it! I think you nailed it! It is about people sharing experiences — even silly ones! In fact, so far, I’ve found sharing there has made my relationships with several people richer. I’m enjoying that!

    • Yeah, me, too. It’s been a refreshing reminder of what we used to have when Twitter first launched! Cheers, sir!

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  • Brilliant, just brilliant. I see Snapchat challenging how we interact on the other social networks. Marketing that was fit to the Snapchat medium (doodle contests for example) is now being replicated on other social networks.

  • “Snapchat is pure and unaccountable” sounds like you are describing toddlers

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