Ten Years Gone


Ten years is a long time. Ten years of blogging? Well, that seemed unfathomable back in 2006, yet, here we are. This week marks my tenth full year of blogging.

Things have changed so much since I began. Back then it was edgy, then it become profitable. Now, it seems passé and marginalized.

In 2006, writing something new and cool excited me. In the 2008-9 range, blogging was majestic, an exhilarating experience that brought attention, notoriety and opportunity. By 2011, it became a grind. Feeding the beast to stay relevant forced me into a daily blogging discipline.

Then after a series of private disappointing events related to my last business book something happened. I stopped giving a damn what other people thought of my blog. Relevancy, topic, edgy, not edgy. It just didn’t matter to me anymore.

Perhaps I realized what a fool I had been.

The Joy of Blogging Returns


I still blogged once a week for a couple of years just to maintain presence, but when this year began I gave myself a gift. The weekly blog, a post I would write so often on Sunday night just to get it published, was an act of drudgery more often than not. There was little business value to it anymore, either.

So I decided to stop, and let myself off the blogging hook. No longer would I write on a schedule for my personal blog. Instead, I write now when the muse strikes me, and time permits. And that seems to be every two to three weeks.

What a relief. Freedom to write when I want to, what I want to.

When I press publish, I smile. The joy of blogging returns.

Forgotten Maybe, But Not Dead Yet


I may be forgotten as a consequence of blogging less, but I’m not dead yet.

Now I still blog elsewhere for other people several times a week. They’re not blogs anymore, not really. I guess because saying what you think is not really marketing. Blogs have to be polished, relevant to target audiences, geared toward the larger customer experienced ecosystem. No, we call them articles now. It’s not the same thing.

Here, when it’s said, it’s meant. It’s a hell of lot less frequent, but there is a genuine authenticity to the blogs that you won’t find on a corporate “brand journal.”

Getting there again was a process. Ten years teaches you if you’re still blogging, it’s because it resolves some sort of creative angst within you. It’s old school. It’s a bonafide antiquated blog, said when it wants to be said.

Ten years gone. “Then as it was, then again it will be.” And here we are, back where we started.

18 thoughts on “Ten Years Gone

  1. Love this post :) I’m only at 5 years of blogging, but when I transitioned from my business blog to my fiction/photography blog recently, everything changed…and for the better. I’d been swept up in the guru-expert-do-what-they-say syndrome, and it became a drag. It wasn’t fun. And it was one big echo chamber.

    I now share my fiction/photography/poetry, and the part that maybe would have been called a blog in the past, is what I call Musings. It’s liberating, it’s meaningful and it’s no longer an obligation: it’s a pleasure. I, like you, now write when the muse hits. I’ve always said that my writing comes through me not from me, and when it pours out like water from a spring, I can sit back, smile and think: I like that. I hope others do too. But if they don’t, they can change the channel. After all, there are more than enough blogs telling others what to do, how to do it, how to make a million dollars, how to be just like them. Following one’s own path can sometimes get quiet and uncrowded, but that’s OK. Even the voices that can’t be heard and the readers who choose not to comment are still out there. And we’re writing to touch souls, not gather numbers. Cheers!

    • Your artists’ journey has been remarkable and inspiring. I know you are touching souls, as you say, and that is beautiful. I thank you for your words, and your inspiration.

  2. I think you’ve hit the nail on the head, so to speak, Geoff. You have to do it for you. If it’s a labor of love, then treat it that way. If it’s for a business purpose, like building leads, that’s another thing and needs to be treated that way (but then it’s actually work).

    Between your really wonderful photography work and your willingness to treat blogging as another pastime, you’ve really hit your stride. And when you enjoy doing what you do, it shows to the rest of us.

    Keep at it, at your own pace. It’s more enjoyable for us.

  3. Mazal Tov– few hit ten years. There is a lot to be learned and gained during that time. The only people who last are those who earn enough from it to make it worthwhile and those who are having fun.

    My guess is the best writing comes from those who are having fun while blogging. Keep on keeping on.

  4. Love! “Here, when it’s said, it’s meant. It’s a hell of lot less frequent, but there is a genuine authenticity to the blogs that you won’t find on a corporate “brand journal.”

    • Life is short, we have nothing but ourselves to consider in the end. No one remembers the brand journal.

  5. You’re not forgotten. Your words here struck a chord with me. I burnt out on blogging and trying to find the love again.

  6. great post, Geoff. I operate my blog the same way these days (press publish and smile!)

    something you write makes me think: “saying what you think is not really marketing.” I realize a lot has changed since back in the day, but isn’t “saying what you think” still marketing your mind in a way that’s real?

    • Transparency and authenticity are not marketing, no matter how many social media experts tried to make it so. More elements of transparency have been brought into brands, but it is still the abnormal.

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