Why I Believe in the Local Motion Project

A modern dance class at Local Motion Project

A modern dance class at Local Motion Project

This Wednesday is Alexandria City’s giving day for local nonprofits, Spring2Action. I am supporting my daughter Soleil’s dance studio Local Motion Project with a fundraiser and complimentary photography. Why do I believe in this cause?

Another Modern Dance Class at Local Motion Project

Many children find their creative spirit and a sense of self confidence by participating in Local Motion Project classes. I have witnessed it with Soleil over a period of three years, and I have seen it with other’s children. As a parent I find this outcome to be indispensable.

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Soleil’s Story

Children at a Local Motion Project Class.

Soleil (the girl with the red scarf) has always loved music and dance. For the past three years she has learned to express her creative spirit through ballet, modern, and tap dance classes. Today, she will literally float around the house in joy. Local Motion Project gave her that gift.

Soleil practicing her hop.

This year she learned not to quit. She was getting bullied at a new school and struggled there. Then she didn’t want to do any extracurricular activities, which was new. Getting her to participate in her Local Motion Project classes was extremely difficult. For a while, we thought she would end up quitting at least one class.

Soleil and Westin

But she stayed, and she worked through it. Now she is very excited about finishing the year and her recital. No coincidence, by not quitting and continuing to work she gained new confidence. Soleil believed in herself, and used that confidence to help her at school. Local Motion Project was the pillar through the change.

Soleil Flying Mono

Just this weekend I saw Soleil apply this lesson in a different part of her life. We bought Soleil her bike a year and a half ago, but she had a bad fall out of the gate and avoided riding, afraid of more raspberry wounds on her elbows and knees.

Soleil Learns How to Ride a Bike

Yesterday, she overcame her fear and rode her bike at Jones Point Park. And today she asked to go back and ride some more.

Support Local Motion Project This Spring2Action

There Is Fun to Be Had at Local Motion Class
Do you want all children to have the opportunity to grow as dancers, artists and people like Soleil? Please give a donation that supports Local Motion Project expanding in Alexandria. It is growing and need your help to spread its Dance Integration program to more Alexandria City Public Schools, and to offer tuition assistance to students in its studio program.

Support Local Motion Project

Though the actual giving day is Wednesday, please give to Local Motion Project today! Early donations count towards a competition for a $500 cash grant for most dollars raised, and most donors. In addition one early Local Motion Project donor will win a $50 gift certificate from the Kiskadee shop in Del Ray, Alexandria.

Tap Class

There will also be a second donation of photography that will be revealed during the actual giving day. Stay tuned for details.

Spring to Action Day Is Here for Local Motion Project