Introducing the Show Me Podcast

Sharon Farmer was the first female and African American Director of Photography at the White House (Clinton Administration)

I am thrilled to publish the first four episodes of the Show Me Podcast ( These first four podcasts represent the beginning of a new show that will discuss a famous photograph(s) or photographer and why the images work (or not). Show Me episodes feature a respected photographer or industry expert who can deliver a great conversation about the well-known images, and of course, their own work.

The first four shows and more details follow.

Show Me Episode 1.1: Sharon Farmer on Photographing Presidents

The very first Episode of the Show Me Podcast features former director of White House Photography and photojournalism pioneer Sharon Farmer. Sharon joins Geoff Livingston for a fascinating discussion about photographing United States Presidents. Sharon Farmer led the Clinton White House with its photography and was the first African American and woman in her position serving the President.

Show Me Episode 1.2: John Mason on Brands Using Photos Illegally


Copyright lawyer John Mason from Copyright Counselors and Mason Literary joins Geoff Livingston for a Show Me Podcast conversation about Huawei and Apple, and how they use photography — perhaps in an illegal fashion — to promote their smartphones. John and Geoff go on to discuss copyright law as it applies to photography.

Show Me Episode 1.3: Joe Newman on Colin Kaepernick GQ versus Nike Photos and Storytelling

Focus on the Story Founder Joe Newman joins Geoff Livingston for episode 3 of the Show Me Podcast. The two discuss why the Colin Kaepernick photo used by Nike for the Just Do It Campaign was so much more successful than the GQ Cover shot taken during the exact same shoot by Martin Schaller (see PetaPixel for details).

Joe and Geoff then go on to discuss storytelling via photography in Cuba, the Trump Inauguration, and the 2019 Focus on the Story/Click DC photo festival.

You can listen to or watch the whole podcast below.

Show Me Episode 1.4: Angela Pan on Ansel Adams and Landscape Photography

Episode 4 of the Show Me Podcast features Snap DC Author Angela Pan. This fun episode discusses landscapes and travel photography. And if you are talking landscapes, then you need to discuss Ansel Adams.

Angela and Geoff dive in and discuss Ansel’s lasting impact into the digital age, and then Angela’s own experiences photographing Washington, DC and the National Mall. The two then go on to discuss travel photography. You can learn more about Angela Pan on her website.

More About the Show Me Podcast

Each season will publish four episodes in its respective months. Seasons will consist of 12-24 episodes. The 2019 season will publish in mid-June and mid-July, and then again through September and October.

Interested parties can the audio episodes via iTunes, Spotify or PodBean. Vlog episodes can be seen on YouTube!

You may ask why I decided to launch a podcast/vlog. If you have been following me recently, you will note a strong turn towards visual and audio content over the past few years. While my photography fulfills that, I wanted to diversify my content with a stronger offering that discussed images in the greater context of visual content marketing and storytelling.

Having been a podcaster before, I felt the medium has evolved and is much more commonly accepted. I wanted to give it another go with a new show. Plus I felt there was a gap in the photography podcast marketplace, particularly regionally and in the storytelling arenas. So voila, here we are.

For me, delivering Show Me means creating a high-quality podcast/vlog that delivers value to people who are interested in communications, photography, media, and everything in between. I want to give a special thanks to Molly and Panama at Heartcast Media. Heartcast produces the show, and it simply would not be as professional or as well done without them. Thank you, both.

I still expect to blog periodically, but Show Me will become a big component of my short-term content offering. Hopefully, you will enjoy the Show Me podcast and tell your friends about it! I look forward to your feedback.