June Show Me Podcasts: From ‘The Americans’ to Marilyn

An incredible capture from a Latin America well drill site by Show Me episode 1.7 guest Dave Murphy.

What do Marilyn Monroe, The Americans, American Gothic and Nicaragua have in common? They are all subjects of well-known photographs discussed in June’s batch of Show Me podcasts. This month’s episodes feature Richard Binhammer, Noe Todorovich, Dave Murphy and Jarett Hendrix discussing these great works as well their personal projects.

Below find a summary of each podcast episode. You can see the Show Me Podcast on YouTube, or listen to it on iTunes, Podbean, or Spotify.

Episode 1.5: Robert Frank’s The Americans and Roadside America with Richard Binhammer

Funeral in South Carolina by Robert Frank, published in The Americans

In Episode 1.5, Richard Binhammer of Photographs was in town and stopped by Heartcast Media Studios to discuss Robert Frank and his incredibly influential photography book The Americans. We then talked about Richard’s ongoing project Roadside America, infrared photography and then chatted about PhotoNexus in Santa Fe this July.

Episode 1.6: American Gothic by Gordon Parks and Exposed DC with Noe Todorovich

American Gothic by Gordon Parks

Noe Todorovich came by the studio for episode 1.6 to discuss Gordon Parks’ American Gothic, considered one of the 100 most impactful American photos ever by Time Magazine. PParks was an iconic African American photographer who frequently documented race relations, and was best known for his work directing the movie Shaft. Afterward, Noe and Geoff Livingston discuss Exposed DC‘s annual photo contest and some past winners, and her own fine art photography.

Episode 1.7: James Nachtwey and Wartime Photography with Dave Murphy

A World Press Photo recognized image by James Natchway from 1980s Nicaragua.

Around the Lens Host and visual journalist Dave Murphy joined Geoff Livingston for Show Me podcast 1.7 on James Nachtwey and wartime photography. They discussed why James Nachtwey‘s wartime photography and general photojournalism is so striking. Then they discussed David’s work in the military and the Around the Lens podcast.

Episode 1.8: How Richard Avedon’s Take on Marilyn Monroe Influences Jarrett Hendrix

Richard Avedon’s portrait of Marilyn Monroe.

Some photographs stand the test of time, for example, Richard Avedon’s emotional take on Marilyn Monroe. One of DC’s most influential photographers Jarrett Hendrix stopped by Show Me (Episode 1.8) to discuss his take on the image, and Avedon’s body of work as a whole. Then Jarrett and Geoff discuss evolving styles and how some photographers photograph what their hearts compel them.