Midsummer Show Me Episodes – Manufactured Landscapes and OG Photographers

One of the most incredible manufactured landscapes by Edward Burtynsky.

If you are inside avoiding the unbearable heat and want to listen to more awesome conversations about photography, get ready for the midsummer episodes of the Show Me Podcast. Episodes 1.9 and 1.10  feature National Park Service Heritage photographer Jarob Ortiz discussing the Manufactured Landscapes project by Edward Burtynsky and IGDC Founder Holly Garner riffing on one of the first great photographers, Alfred Stieglitz.

Avoid the heat and boredom of the dog days of summer, and listen to these two great episodes of the Show Me Podcast today. All formats (iTunes, Podbean, Spotify and YouTube) are available on the site, with the video versions embedded below in each podcast description.

Jarob Ortiz on Manufactured Landscapes

Another example of Edward Burtynsky’s manufactured landscapes.

Jarob Ortiz is the National Park Service Heritage Documentation Program photographer. In addition to his own fantastic photography, he came by to discuss the very surreal and amazing Manufactured Landscapes project by Edward Burtynsky. We discussed the amazing way Burtynsky captured human impact on natural landscapes using a blend of natural and created symmetry.

Cape Lookout, some of Jarob’s own amazing work with the National Park Service.

Then we discussed some of Jarob’s own work, including his Alabama Civil Rights Trail and Staten island projects for the National Park Service. This is truly a fantastic episode. Soak up Jarob’s insights and talent on YouTube or via audio feed.

Holly Garner Discusses Alfred Stieglitz & Instagram

The Steerage by Alfred Stieglitz was shot in 1907.

IGDC Founder and Instagram whiz Holly Garner came by to discuss one of her favorite influences, Alfred Stieglitz. Stieglitz was a late 19th and early 20th-century photographer who was instrumental in making photography an accepted art form.

Holly amazes people with her own work on Instagram.

Then we discussed Holly’s undertaking of IGDC ten years ago, and how the meetup and online curated platform has involved and inspired an entire genre of DC photography on Instagram and via in-person meetups. Then we discussed her own progression as a photographer via the @golightly handle on Instagram.

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