Part 2 of Remembering September 11 through Photos with Lt. Colonel Robert J. Darling – Episode 1.12

Part two of our special September 11 episode Lt. Colonel Robert J. Darling (retired) picks up right where we left off, starting with the collapse of the World Trade Center North Tower through the desperate attempts by FDNY and NYPD to rescue any survivors and the White House bunker team’s efforts to secure America’s skies, and its cities against further attacks. Be prepared, this is an emotionally trying episode of the Show Me Podcast.

September 11 remains one of the most visceral moments in American history. Lt. Colonel Darling served as the logistics lead in the White House during September 11, and joins Geoff Livingston to remember the attack through the photos. You can learn more about Lt. Colonel Robert J. Darling and his book, “24 Hours Inside the President’s Bunker, 9/11/01” on

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