Episode 2.5: The Incredible Animal Photography of Joel Sartore and Jeffrey Morris

There is no portrait quite like that of an animal, whether it’s a cute K-9 friend or an animal in the wild. Photographer Jeffrey Morris joins me for this very special episode all about photographing animals, starting with the amazing (mostly) wildlife work of Joel Sartore.

With mass extinctions becoming commonplace, Joel Sartore is on a mission to photograph every wild species he can. Jeff noted that Joel Sartore who shoots amazing animal portraits in “studios” adapted for the species and location. While his work is mostly with wild animals, it has influenced how Jeffrey’s approach to photographing domestic animals.

Jeffrey Morris

Of course, Jeffrey’s work is fantastic, too, including this episode’s featured dog pic. We show several images (in addition to Joel Sartore’s work), and discuss how Jeffrey gets magic pet pics that makes their human friends gush with emotion.

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I am proud to dedicate this special animal photography episode to my mother nationally syndicated astrologer Jacqueline Bigar, who passed away days before this episode was published. She loved animals more than anything else on earth, and I know she would watch this episode over and over again. I love you, Mom.

Jacqueline Bigar