Episode 2.6: The Day of the Iguana and Other Photo Thoughts with Nana Gyesie

Nana Gyesie may be the most spiritual photographer I know. He explores the world of people and places through his camera, a very spiritual experience for him that profoundly affects his soul and view of the world. To shoot with Nana is to experience life in a new way.

In this special episode of the Show Me Podcast, we start by exploring one of his influences, Graciela Iturbide and her seminal work “Day of the Iguana.” Nana discusses how Iturbide’s type of photojournalism impacted him and his work.

Then we discuss Nana’s works in Cuba, during the rise of the Trump Presidency, and finally his most recent works in Seattle. You’ll also hear of some of our escapades together during these street photography episodes, some of the most impactful photography moments I have had.



Listen to or watch this very special episode of the Show Me Podcast, and enjoy a spiritual street photography journey with Nana.

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