Episode 2.12: A Virtual Visit to Havana

Continuing our COVID 19 series of virtual visits to fun lands or ideal destinations, this episode of the Show Me Podcast takes visitors to the gorgeous exotic lands of Havana, Cuba. I journeyed to Havana in June, 2016 in what became a transformative trip, showing street and travel photography skills.

More importantly, I fell in love with this incredibly beautiful city and its people. Fabled in the American mind, there are both a joyful sense of humanity and a gritty sadness to the city.

This video podcast discusses:

  • The beautiful cityscape
  • Portraits of Cuban citizens
  • Decay and dilapidation of Havana buildings
  • Street scenes illustrating the culture of Havana
  • The vibrant classic cars that are ever-present in Cuba
  • Images discussed were taken during visit to Havana four years ago with six other fellow photographers, which in turn produced a photo book, Seven in Ten. The trip was extremely memorable, revealing an incredible beautiful culture.

    A photo gallery and photo essay/transcript of the episode are available on geofflivingston.com