Episode 3.2: Clubhouse – Should You Care?

Clubhouse is the new social network of the day, dominating headlines and activating photography conversations. Many photographers and people, in general, want to know if there is actual value for them on Clubhouse. DC Area Model, Photographer and Studio Owner Dakota Lee joins me for an active discussion about how Clubhouse is changing the photography conversation.

Conversations on the podcast include:

1) Clubhouse: What is it for non-users?
2) Why we like it and the value we see in it.
3) Reset of the online photography conversation from gear to art.
4) There is a high volume of female photographers on Clubhouse (which is great!)
5) Our astrophotography workshop in June

Give Show Me Podcast Episode 3.2 a listen. Full show notes are below!

Show Notes

1:06 Dakota shares a little background of herself and her journey of becoming a photography entrepreneur 

2:17 Dakota and Geoff talk about the Clubhouse app and explains what it is in details and if they’d recommend it to someone else 

4:41 Dakota also explains why she loves the Clubhouse app, why she joined and also shares the values that she’s getting from it 

5:45 Geoff explains why it was a good year for Clubhouse to launch and also what values he is getting from it 

9:03 Dakota and Geoff talk about the influencers on Clubhouse and things that people should avoid on Clubhouse 

11:26 Dakota and Geoff talk about if they have Clubhouse strategy and also Geoff talks about the Punk club that he started in Clubhouse 

13:50 Dakota talks about how she works with Clubhouse as a networking platform and how she plans on using it more 

16:07 Dakota and Geoff talk about how Clubhouse can be used as a community that helps you achieve your goals 

19:05 Dakota shares her thoughts on what she think about the communities in the Clubhouse and if they are important 

20:40 Dakota explains if Clubhouse changed her perspective on photography industry at all, her general feel about participating in it and if conversations are better because of it or not 

24:29 Dakota talks about representation and how this is happening in the Clubhouse and how diverse the app is and the importance of that 

27:14 Geoff talks about the punk photography group that he formed in the Clubhouse and how they are going to do it

28:27 Dakota and Geoff also talk about the feeling of creating a room in the Clubhouse and being invited in one as a co-host and how they start a conversation in the room 

29:51 Dakota talks about astrophotography, what it is and what made her decide to run an astrophotography workshop