Chicago Marathon: Supporting the Brain Injury Recovery Foundation

My sister Joanne suffered a major stroke in May, altering her and my niece Julia’s lives profoundly. She has yet to fully recover and faces so many tough hurdles ahead. The road to recovery is uncertain and likely will never be fully realized. To help, I have decided to run the 2023 Chicago Marathon to support the Brain Injury Recovery Foundation.

Joanne, Julia and Me during Thanksgiving week. Joanne looks pretty good six months after her stroke, but rarely can utter a complete sentence and is often confused by full conversations.

I decided to support the cause, not just because of Joanne, but so that resources are more widely available to help other families in need. The impacts are far and wide in our family, but we are just one of the millions impacted over time by strokes and other significant brain injuries. This Giving Tuesday, please consider giving a donation to the cause via my fundraiser page.

Continuing my running journey that most recently included the Philadelphia Half Marathon, my 2023 running schedule will be dedicated to the Brain Injury Recovery Foundation. I intend to run four races in 2023:

Buy a Book, Calendar, or Photo, and Support the cause

In addition to direct fundraising, I am donating half of all proceeds received via #NotMyPresident: Five Years of Resisting Trump photo book sales, photo calendar sales, and licensed photos to the Brain Injury Recovery Foundation. The second half will be donated to Joanne’s GoFund Me, which has helped her remain in her home and receive much-needed therapy.

You can buy a 2022 calendar here.

Photo licenses and prints are available here on my photo portfolio. Just find an image and click on the shopping cart to the lower right below the images.

Books are available on the portfolio site here.

More on the Cause

Having quicker access to educational materials, support and advocacy would have helped the nuclear family with Joanne. Today’s medical community is somewhat unclear and answers take hours, days, weeks, and even months to find. And I am sure it is so for others. Let’s do a solid for all future loved ones in our or others’ families and help them through the difficult times that brain injuries cause.

About the Brain Injury Recovery Foundation

The Brain Injury Recovery Foundation is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization whose mission is to support those have suffered Brain or Spinal Cord Injuries as well as their family, friends, and caregivers by providing programs for Awareness, Care, Financial Guidance, and Rehabilitation built to meet their specific needs to that they can achieve their goals.