About #365FF

The 365 Full Frame project features one full frame photo published here every day for a year.

Most of the photos are taken by Geoff Livingston, unless noted as a guest photo. Geoff does not sell his photos, but you can license images from the 365 Full Frame project. Licensing fees fund the acquisition of a full frame camera, lenses and equipment to take and publish one high resolution image every day.

Funders receive access to the photos on a limited or fully open basis depending on their commitment level.  Higher level funders can request subjects so long as it does not require Geoff to travel. All funders will receive recognition on the 365 Full Frame website when it is revealed. General subjects will include:

  • Travel sights, including New York City, Big Sur, Hawaii (planned), Philadelphia and Cleveland.¬†
  • Networking events
  • Washington, DC landscapes
  • Sunsets and sunrises
  • Select parent and pet photos

Please consider supporting the 365 Full Frame project today!